Stomach disease is moderately uncommon in the United States, yet it is the second most normal reason for malignancy related passings on the planet. The stomach malignancy masters at NewYork-Presbyterian are profoundly experienced in diagnosing and treating stomach disease, utilizing mixes of medications to alter an arrangement of consideration for every one of our patients. We likewise offer clinical preliminaries of new treatments that hold guarantee for broadening the lives of individuals with stomach malignancy.

A Team of stomach malignant growth pros

On the off chance that you have stomach malignant growth, we will gather an interdisciplinary group of gastrointestinal experts in interventional endoscopy, radiology, medical procedure, medicinal oncology, and radiation oncology to address your issues. They will cooperate to give you facilitated, progressed, and redid care.

Insignificantly obtrusive stomach malignant growth medical procedure

In the event that your stomach malignant growth is operable. Our specialists may play out a subtotal or incomplete gastrectomy (expulsion of part of the stomach containing the disease) or an absolute gastrectomy (evacuation of the whole stomach, interfacing the throat to the small digestive tract).

  • Laparoscopy. We play out these techniques laparoscopically at whatever point conceivable, bringing about littler entry points, less blood misfortune and less torment after medical procedure, a faster recuperation, and a shorter emergency clinic remain.
  • Automated stomach malignancy medical procedure. Patients who can have insignificantly intrusive medical procedure may have it performed mechanically. The robot empowers your specialist to work with a more prominent amplification of the careful field and more accuracy in the utilization of careful instruments.
  • Essence medical procedure. In the event that you have a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) — an uncommon and moderate developing sort of gastric tumor that normally starts in the coating of the stomach — we may utilize a blend of endoscopy and laparoscopy to evacuate the tumor.
  • D-2 lymphadenectomy. We additionally perform D-2 lymphadenectomy, an actually difficult surgery performed amid gastric malignant growth medical procedure to evacuate destructive lymph hubs and lessen the opportunity of further disease spread.
  • Stomach reproduction. Our specialists are specialists in the three noteworthy stomach disease reconstructive medical procedures: gastroduodenostomy, gastrojejunostomy, and Roux-en-Y. The decision of system relies upon your wellbeing status and careful inclination. On the off chance that stomach medical procedure is a possibility for you, your specialist will examine your reproduction decisions, which are intended to enable you to hold stomach work.

Propelled chemotherapy

You may get chemotherapy previously or amid medical procedure (to shrivel your tumor) or after medical procedure (to slaughter any residual disease cells). You can get intravenous treatments in our cutting edge, agreeable imbuement focuses.

  • Trastuzumab. On the off chance that you have a stomach malignant growth that makes a lot of a protein called HER2, you may get trastuzumab, which focuses on this protein.
  • Imatinib. Individuals with GIST regularly get imatinib, a focused on chemotherapy tranquilize that is incredibly compelling for treating this kind of disease. You can take it every day by mouth at home.
  • Progressed cytotoxic chemotherapy. Most people with stomach malignancy will profit by chemotherapy. Our methodology is to tailor the treatment to the person to streamline care and limit symptoms.

Exact radiation treatment

Our doctors may join chemotherapy with radiation treatment to demolish any outstanding malignant growth cells following medical procedure or to diminish side effects. A few people get brachytherapy: the use of radiation sources specifically to the malignant growth amid medical procedure.

Treating every one of you

To help your personal satisfaction, we offer palliative consideration, which incorporates administrations, for example, torment the executives. Our nutritionists, social specialists, palliative consideration specialists, and others will support you and your friends and family address the impacts of malignant growth and its treatment — physical, passionate, and profound. We comprehend the weight disease can put on your life and the lives of your friends and family, and we do whatever we can to diminish that trouble.

Clinical preliminaries for stomach malignant growth

You might most likely take an interest in a clinical preliminary, regardless of whether you are getting chemotherapy out of the blue or you have gotten it previously. Clinical preliminaries offer patients more alternatives and a chance to get front line treatment that depends on our propelled comprehension of the illness science.